Glimpses from my summer holidays

18 09 2010

Its been quite a long time since I last blogged…Well, I was really very glad when all my entrance examinations and their tensions ended. Except that  it was long ago…! Its been nearly one and a half month since I have been totally free first time in my life (it did seem like that!)

Just after my entry test, our family went to the northern areas which was totally a great experience for me. The weather remained cloudy and rainy most of the time with the sun showing its rays every now and then. Overall the weather was chilly and I regreted not listening to my mom’s suggestion to take warm clothes with me! Oh well, atleast that’ll not happen again.

It was after four complete years that I was actually visiting this part of the country and the scenery was simply awesome and breathtaking. The sun rise in the morning…the whole view of valleys with the cottages all over them… the springs and waterfalls between the mountains… the feeling that the car is moving among the clouds… and not to forget those so many monkeys hanging from trees to trees near a place where we parked our car!

 I felt so much relaxed in a way I never think I had before.The guest house we stayed at was located at Khairagali which is quite a distance above muree. At night the window of our room showed not only the billions of stars of the sky but also the billions of stars on earth! Yes the whole of the valley would look ad if billions of silver and golden jewels have been embedded in a dark soft velvet….

 We visited Ayubia, Nathiagali, PC Bhurban, Murree and a few other spots. Our whole stay was for about a week and that week would be a most memorable one for me.

Just after a few days (it seemed so) Ramadan arrived!

 I was really happy that Ramadan this year came during my holidays. I could keep my schedule according to what I wanted to do rather than what my studies demanded. Alhamdulila nothing was there to disturb my worship and this month was spiritually a great one….May Allah accept all our good deeds,  forgive all the mistakes and guide us to the straight path.(Ameen)

I did have a really good time and like all good things this also is going to end soon. Eid went great but there was (like always) lots and lots of travelling with it (no, no complains there!)

On Monday is the Orientation at my University! I’m so excited and looking forward to it…Even sitting here and there my mind starts wondering about how my uni would be like, who my friends would be, what type of teachers I’ll have and yeah the studies too…..only time will tell that I say to myself! And surely that time is not that far away  :)