This Life – A Simulation

7 12 2015

Remember those movies where the characters have electrodes inserted to them whereby which they enter another “reality” which is not real in actual but just appears to be…? Where you are who you are though it all is fake? Or a dream within a dream that you eventually will wake up from? A simulation?

Well I just thought of how the life we are living in this world is also a simulation… its just not real. Not real at all. Its designed to test us under all the various different circumstances custom made for each and everyone of us to see how we behave and how we act… to see what we really are.

Each and every situation in our life, each person we encounter with is a result of our destiny or the test made for us. And we should remember that as we move along this sim called life. That it is not the real thing…. the real thing, the reality, lies outside of it and it will be different for everyone if us depending on how our performance was in this make-belief world. This temporary sim.

And just think of how unfortunate that person would be who thinks that this simulation is the real thing itself… how he would try to make everything the way his heart desires not knowing that the fulfillment he is seeking is not to be found here… this place was not designed for pleasure… the real eternal “true” pleasure lies outside of it and can be earned by passing at this test designed for us!

So no matter what unpleasant situation you have to endure… know that it will pass but what would remain is how you “performed”. Always permanently written in your evaluation it will be, even if you can’t see it or don’t believe in it….

Remember that…. always….


Some musings…

20 06 2015

And so life goes on

Whenever I want to blog something stops me… I feel there are things more  than being self-obsessed with yourself or your life and posting it out there. Well that’s what blogging is now, isn’t it?! And so life went on I didnt really write much… neither here nor in my journal. But reflection is something that goes on and on. And it should. Life without introspection would be hollow, wouldn’t it?!

The last year saw me at the most out-of-my-comfort-zone adventures having the opportunity to work where so many would dream of. And though I revelled every bit of the experience there… a bold decision by myself made me come back…. I fought inner conflicts unable to  define for myself what my plans should be. That was quite a low time lrobably the lowest, the uncertainty of everything and the thought of having worked so hard for nothing and not being able to see anything into the foggy future…
But no hard work ever goes in vain. It pays off somewhere or another! I already have seen that… and maybe time will show even more! Alhamdulila for every little thing Allah has blessed!

Amid the gloominess, out of nowhere I happened to find myself at a prestigious institute learning so much more about the arts of living life to the fullest. The wonderful company of friends I made there and the guidance of our loving mentors changed the world for me. The dark clouds that had come disappeared.
Finally I could see! How much ungrateful I had become and how I came out of it! This life is such a blessing and I am so content to be where I am right now. So perfectly content. Happy with all that I have and all that I am. And contentment is the greatest treasure afterall. Alhamdulila !

So now I just want to savor every second of my most beloved time of the year right now: yes Ramadan!!!

And so this officially marks exact one year since my graduation! And boy what a year this has been ! :D

The Moon

2 02 2015
The moon is a loyal companion.
It never leaves. It’s always there, watching, steadfast, knowing us in our light and dark moments, changing forever just as we do. Every day it’s a different version of itself. Sometimes weak and wan, sometimes strong and full of light. The moon understands what it means to be human.
Uncertain. Alone. Cratered by imperfections.

Thought of the Day

8 03 2014

Hello dear blog, I have neglected you quite a lot haven’t I?!

I was just wondering why I haven’t used this blog the way I had planned to when I made it.

For one thing, the perfectionist in me doesn’t allow me do the normal blogging as it wants a blog post to have everything from a good content to good photos having perfect grammar, spelling and what not! (this is the reason why any work given to me becomes a project lol) So blogging seemed like such a far-fetched idea and a chore rather than something you enjoy doing…

For another reason; my best writings are always concerned with my current circumstances, my views of different things, reflections on daily incidents and the feelings and emotions of my heart all of which I’d rather write in my dear ol’ beloved diary…. so my diary unlike you dear blog, gets a fair share of everything. (Though unlike a blog it doesn’t have the quick editing and picture uploading feature with it that I wished it did!)

It was, then, due to a sudden realization that I am back and actually writing here today. And that realization (simple but profound nonetheless) is what I’d leave here as I go:

Never wait for easier times to come...

If you catch yourself thinking along the lines that if I’m done with this thing and that thing etc etc I can finally have the routine, the life I soo want…..well, tell yourself that ain’t happening anytime soon! If you can’t manage it now what makes you think you can later on when you’ll probably have a lot more on your plate? So if you want to do something, why not start today then?! Why wait for an uncertain and guaranteed tomorrow?

If you don’t fix your now chances are you’ll have the same hard time later on. So what are you waiting for?

I considered myself too occupied last semester and wished for the new one to come as I’ll be better at handling fewer subjects yes? And now here I am and I have so many other things along with it (Final Year Project being the most intimidating) that I wonder what in the world was I previously thinking! So there you go :)

Lesson? Work on the NOW and stop living in the past or the future- its as simple as that! Try managing yourself today and if you succeed you can be assured that the same will carry on for the days to come….


So apart from the other things, blogging was also something I had been longing to do… And so I here I am and I finally did it!

(I pray that I can say the same about the FYP progress…!)

Getting ahead…

1 03 2013

Time…a resource we think we have in so plentiful of quantity that the idea to keep account of


it consciously just doesn’t come to mind…

Recently, I started noticing that I wasn’t getting as much done in my day as I used to before and my do-to list just used to pile up to the next day’s without having been completely ticked off and it continued to another day and so on.

It happened steadily without me having noticing it much but when I did, I was alarmed to see the pile of work to be done, which if not dealt with in proper time will continue to increase on like the snowball going down a hill, and I’ll be left to catch up and being out of breath at all times (not something really enjoyable)

Something had to be done.

I tried my best to cut off everything unnecessary and work on to complete the tasks. Yet as things had already piled up, I was indeed playing catch back, unable to come to the surface. Whenever I was about to reach the finish line, the finish line would always jump to another great distance ahead (like a mirage) leaving me unfulfilled, tired and restless- again.

So this idea came to my mind: why not I keep track of my time to see where I actually spend it and how much…

I had read about “Time logging” as a time-management improvement technique and its usefulness but just wasn’t bothered as it seemed so time-consuming (time consuming thing for managing time?!) and simply not worth anything.

Not as a remedy, but just for fun, I thought to give it a shot. Immediately, I took out a sheet of paper wrote down the day and time and then wrote down in a word what I just did in the last fifteen minutes. And I did that again after another fifteen minutes. And so on.

The effect was instantaneous! Immediately in my unconscious there was this new found urgency that I had not felt before, the type which comes just before an exam or deadline! As I wrote down what I was doing four times in an hour I actually began to see just how quickly time is passing and how much is still left to be done and so this adrenaline rush that comes just before an impending deadline boosted me up all day! I was also amazed how much work I got completed and how much time just slips by if you’re not on check…

I think mostly, the reason why so much of our time is wasted is that we do not sincerely think ahead what stuff is important and should be given preference to. Due to that we get easily caught up by distractions that lead us into more distractions…and when your’re in that zone, coming out and doing something productive looks so uninteresting that you continue on thinking you have “enough time to do it later”. And before you know it the day is gone…the week is gone…and then the weekend too!

By logging my time I indeed got this idea that those “little” idle moments throughout the day when you’re just thinking about something to do or procrastinating stuff, such a big chunk of your day goes away unused. Don’t get me wrong… I do believe that relaxing and sometimes just doing nothing is also necessary..I’m talking about the useless wastage of time which just goes wasted unnoticed making your day “disappear so quickly” without having much done.

At the end of the week, you can calculate the total amount of time you spend on different activities in your day (reading, surfing the net, studying, exercise, worship etc) to get an idea of where you spend your time and then see which areas you would like to improve…because, trust me, the reality isn’t what you think it is…

Another benefit was that when you have to actually write down what you did in the last 15-20 min you will begin to think whether that task you just did was really necessary or not…if it was unnecessary and you already have high priority tasks that had to be done that day you’ll mentally take notice of it and that is where the magic of time management self awareness comes in!

So this experiment was quite an eye-opener for me….do give time-logging a try for a week and you’ll see for yourself how your productivity boosts up! And remember: Time once gone, can never come back!

Random thoughts

22 02 2013

Its strange how sometimes you realize that things are not as black and white as you thought….

Its strange how life all of a sudden brings so many drastic turns that you cannot help but stumble….

Its strange how sometimes you can feel so lonely even among people who are your friends….

Its strange when everyone has their own perceptions and people misunderstand you in ways you never thought….

Its strange when you are in contradiction with your own self and don’t know what to believe or do…

Its strange when all you want to do is explain and clarify but you know that no person will understand….

Life can be so strange and mysterious at times…

Like a roller coaster ride with its dramatic highs and lows….

Preparing for the Journey…

4 01 2013

When traveling to some place, the journey doesn’t begin until everything that we would be needing on our way and destination has been gathered and packed up. I don’t know about others, but for me, I always tend to over-pack…”I’ll need this too”, “How can I leave this?” and even “This might come in handy!” And so, the things that were supposed to be “bare minimum necessities” tend to be so much more than that…

Mess and clutter are the things that I cannot stand.  Its nothing less than a weakness that everything around you has to be well-organised, clean and tidy in order to breath normally! :P

So taking the steps to cure this problem and keeping everything in line I also thought that I had gotten rid of all the unnecessary items from the place I call my own [ my room :) ] …..but that was until I started packing. This time not for a journey but for a shift. And I was amazed at how wrong I still was…

How much do we over-estimate our needs and keep on accumulating ” things we need” without ever needing them as much!!

And it was then that I realized that if for the journeys we make in the life in this world, we are so worried about our needs and make sure that we have what we require (and even more)…then what about that journey that everyone will most definitely be undertaking; the journey that will be starting at the end of this life; the journey from one dimension to completely another one! Now how much greater in magnitude would it be as compared to the little ones we have to make in our life! And just how much greater would our NEEDS  be for it!!! How much do we actually care and prepare?!!! Forget over-packing, do we even worry on completing the bare essentials?!

We do not even know when our time of departure would come. It would come very unexpectedly, this we all know for sure. Nobody knows which breath would be his last. Knowing this fact should really be enough to get us moving and come out of our slumbers and laziness…

How that journey would be when we would be all alone. No friend would be there for us nor our family. The one who had prepared for it would be surrounded by light and for the heedless, darkness would be his companion. Darkness and sorrow and regret.  We cannot even imagine it!

Thinking about it really boggles the mind. Our time is so very very precious. Each and every second is a blessing.

May Allah enable us all to make the best use of our time and enable us to prepare for that journey and make us among His beloved people!