Goodbye school…

20 07 2008

Okay so yes…school’s over finally!

 It seems such a long time ago when i used to wake up all nights and study during the prep. holidays and during my final board exams. Seeing the hours passing by as if they were minutes, feeling each and every muscle of my body ache due to sitting in the same place for hours, eyes straining to focus the words in the book or notes  filled with pain and the desire to sleep, hands too tired to write anything…well…this was how I felt throughout the exams. It was useful! And most of satisfying-in a sense that know i prepared it the best could. lol the papers seemed so easy! Maybe I did over-study a bit. (So I have planned not to repeat this in the coming session :p)

Anyway, it already seems like history… but i won’t be able to forget the time i passed; the warnings of our teachers about the coming exams, about the handwriting, study and paper solving techniques and not to forget the consequences of low marks in our future and aaaaaaaahhhhh all that stuff. How we were scared about these papers!

Alhamdullilah they finished on 28th May 2008. The result just came a fortnight or so ago and alhamdulilah we  all got really great marks.  One should really have the belief that Allah never wastes any ones efforts. With hardwork, struggle determination and dedication, we can reach our goal successfully. And with that closed the chapter of my life in school…

So now I am enjoying my holidays. They’ll be over with this July. I’m really looking forward to going to college although i don’t think it will be much different than last year…let’s see if this is true!  :)