The 24 Gold Coins

26 07 2009

coinsOnce upon a time there lived a king. He was very powerful.  One day he called two of his servants and gave each of them 24 gold pieces. The king told them to go and live on one of his rich, royal farms. The farms were two months’ distance away. The king commanded, ‘Use this money for your tickets and buy whatever is necessary for your house. There is a station one days’ distance away from the farm.’ He told them that there is road-transport, railways, boat and aeroplanes. They could choose any according to the money he was giving them.

The two servants set off after receiving these instructions. One of them was fortunate as he was obedient to his master, the King, so while going to the station he not only spent a small amount of money but he also did some business which gave him a lot of profit. The King became very happy and the servant’s wealth increased a thousand-fold.

The other servant was unfortunate because he was disobedient to his master, the King. He spent 23 pieces of gold while going to the station. He wasted it in gambling and other amusements. Now he was left with a single gold piece only. His fortunate friend told him to buy a ticket so that he would not have to walk alone and hungry across the desert which takes two months to cross.

Let’s now look at the story from a different point of view:

The King in the story is Allah Almighty, our Creator. Of the two servants, the first one represents the obedient ones, who perform their daily prayers with fervor. The second one represents the careless who neglect their prayers. The twenty-four pieces of gold are life in every twenty-four-hour day. The royal domain or the farm is Paradise. The station is Grave and to the Resurrection, the Hereafter. The ticket in the story represents the five daily prayers or Namaz.

If we roughly estimate the time spent in taking ablution (Wudhoo) and offering five prayers then it is hardly one hour. Now think how unreasonable it would be if out of 24 hours in a day we spend 23 hours on this worldly life and hesitate to spend just one hour for the life of Hereafter. Besides our heart soul and mind find great comfort and peace in Namaz. And it is not tiring for the body too. Furthermore all the actions of the person who offers Namaz five times regularly becomes like worship.  

-Taken from a children’s book