This Life – A Simulation

7 12 2015

Remember those movies where the characters have electrodes inserted to them whereby which they enter another “reality” which is not real in actual but just appears to be…? Where you are who you are though it all is fake? Or a dream within a dream that you eventually will wake up from? A simulation?

Well I just thought of how the life we are living in this world is also a simulation… its just not real. Not real at all. Its designed to test us under all the various different circumstances custom made for each and everyone of us to see how we behave and how we act… to see what we really are.

Each and every situation in our life, each person we encounter with is a result of our destiny or the test made for us. And we should remember that as we move along this sim called life. That it is not the real thing…. the real thing, the reality, lies outside of it and it will be different for everyone if us depending on how our performance was in this make-belief world. This temporary sim.

And just think of how unfortunate that person would be who thinks that this simulation is the real thing itself… how he would try to make everything the way his heart desires not knowing that the fulfillment he is seeking is not to be found here… this place was not designed for pleasure… the real eternal “true” pleasure lies outside of it and can be earned by passing at this test designed for us!

So no matter what unpleasant situation you have to endure… know that it will pass but what would remain is how you “performed”. Always permanently written in your evaluation it will be, even if you can’t see it or don’t believe in it….

Remember that…. always….




2 responses

8 12 2015

MashaAllah love this! <3
Jazakumullahu khairan for this beautiful post.

6 03 2016

Thanks Maryam!

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