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20 06 2015

And so life goes on

Whenever I want to blog something stops me… I feel there are things more  than being self-obsessed with yourself or your life and posting it out there. Well that’s what blogging is now, isn’t it?! And so life went on I didnt really write much… neither here nor in my journal. But reflection is something that goes on and on. And it should. Life without introspection would be hollow, wouldn’t it?!

The last year saw me at the most out-of-my-comfort-zone adventures having the opportunity to work where so many would dream of. And though I revelled every bit of the experience there… a bold decision by myself made me come back…. I fought inner conflicts unable to  define for myself what my plans should be. That was quite a low time lrobably the lowest, the uncertainty of everything and the thought of having worked so hard for nothing and not being able to see anything into the foggy future…
But no hard work ever goes in vain. It pays off somewhere or another! I already have seen that… and maybe time will show even more! Alhamdulila for every little thing Allah has blessed!

Amid the gloominess, out of nowhere I happened to find myself at a prestigious institute learning so much more about the arts of living life to the fullest. The wonderful company of friends I made there and the guidance of our loving mentors changed the world for me. The dark clouds that had come disappeared.
Finally I could see! How much ungrateful I had become and how I came out of it! This life is such a blessing and I am so content to be where I am right now. So perfectly content. Happy with all that I have and all that I am. And contentment is the greatest treasure afterall. Alhamdulila !

So now I just want to savor every second of my most beloved time of the year right now: yes Ramadan!!!

And so this officially marks exact one year since my graduation! And boy what a year this has been ! :D




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3 08 2015
Muhammad Asad ullah

Need some level of faith and courage, these decisions.

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