Preparing for the Journey…

4 01 2013

When traveling to some place, the journey doesn’t begin until everything that we would be needing on our way and destination has been gathered and packed up. I don’t know about others, but for me, I always tend to over-pack…”I’ll need this too”, “How can I leave this?” and even “This might come in handy!” And so, the things that were supposed to be “bare minimum necessities” tend to be so much more than that…

Mess and clutter are the things that I cannot stand.  Its nothing less than a weakness that everything around you has to be well-organised, clean and tidy in order to breath normally! :P

So taking the steps to cure this problem and keeping everything in line I also thought that I had gotten rid of all the unnecessary items from the place I call my own [ my room :) ] …..but that was until I started packing. This time not for a journey but for a shift. And I was amazed at how wrong I still was…

How much do we over-estimate our needs and keep on accumulating ” things we need” without ever needing them as much!!

And it was then that I realized that if for the journeys we make in the life in this world, we are so worried about our needs and make sure that we have what we require (and even more)…then what about that journey that everyone will most definitely be undertaking; the journey that will be starting at the end of this life; the journey from one dimension to completely another one! Now how much greater in magnitude would it be as compared to the little ones we have to make in our life! And just how much greater would our NEEDS  be for it!!! How much do we actually care and prepare?!!! Forget over-packing, do we even worry on completing the bare essentials?!

We do not even know when our time of departure would come. It would come very unexpectedly, this we all know for sure. Nobody knows which breath would be his last. Knowing this fact should really be enough to get us moving and come out of our slumbers and laziness…

How that journey would be when we would be all alone. No friend would be there for us nor our family. The one who had prepared for it would be surrounded by light and for the heedless, darkness would be his companion. Darkness and sorrow and regret.  We cannot even imagine it!

Thinking about it really boggles the mind. Our time is so very very precious. Each and every second is a blessing.

May Allah enable us all to make the best use of our time and enable us to prepare for that journey and make us among His beloved people!




3 responses

4 01 2013
The Voice of a Soul

Masha’Allah. Great post and I absolutely agree with you!! When enchanted by worldly matters and focusing on building a home filled with worldly matters, one may forget his/her true journey and purpose. One may argue that one actually fails to live and sleeps forever to fulfill his/her dreams and desires.

Al-Ghazali says: ”The soul should take care of the body, just as the pilgrim on his way to Makkah takes care of his camel.. but if the pilgrim spends his whole time in feeding & adorning his camel, the caravan will leave him behind, & he will perish in the desert.”

5 01 2013

very true.. i just uncluttered my cupboard and there were so many things broken and unnecessary stuff i kept just because they had some memories related to them.. i stil have them wese :P

5 01 2013
Spherical Square

So true, yet it is one of the bitter truths that we push to the back of our minds in the hassle of day to day life.
Amen to the last line.

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