Remembering those days….

15 07 2010


Life is truly a struggle. Challenges, deadlines, responsibilities and expectations….nothing ever seems to end. Going through all this we forget that sometimes we have to give ourselves some time to enjoy, to relax…We need to remind this  to ourselves especially when we feel as if we can’t take it any more….

Time flies like anything. Its been more than a month that my final exams finished and eventhough at the moment I’m really busy with my tight schedule of academy/prep for entrance examinations I can’t help missing my college alot:'(

This path is the path which I used to take almost everyday, with my friends at my sides, laughing and talking off, to the cafeteria in my college…I took this photo on the last day in our college, just after the farewell party when the crowd had almost gone…I miss them all alot…Those walks in the grounds, those free periods when the time seemed to pass so unusually quickly!… and the library…with all its treasure of knowledge and my favourite books!….and not to forget the farewell party….which ended with tears in the eyes….

 Everything seems like a dream…..




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